How to Develop an Effective Classroom Design

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  • 0:04 Exploring Classroom Design
  • 0:54 Using Space in the Classroom
  • 2:37 Student Work Space
  • 3:23 The Accessories of…
  • 4:25 Design Tips
  • 5:10 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has a Masters of Science in Mathematics

An important factor for teachers to consider when preparing for instruction is how to set up their classroom. This lesson describes factors to consider when planning the physical design for a classroom.

Exploring Classroom Design

Olivia landed her first job as a teacher and is excited about starting her new career in education. She knows that the physical design of her classroom contributes to the overall learning environment, and she wants to make sure she provides a warm, welcoming place for her students. Her students will need space for small and whole group learning, as well as partner and individual space. She'll need to provide an age-appropriate space and make sure she pays attention to small details.

Like most schools, Olivia has a mentor teacher, Lucy, to help her along the way. They meet in Olivia's new classroom to talk about classroom design and begin making a plan. Let's see what things they consider as they make decisions.

Using Space in the Classroom

The first thing Lucy and Olivia discuss are the uses for space in the classroom. As an early elementary educator, Olivia will need to design her space with the needs of this specific age group in mind. If she taught in a middle or high school classroom, the needs would be different and Olivia's classroom design would reflect this.

Olivia and Lucy decide she needs space for:

  • Collaboration - her students will need to work together often, in small groups and with partners
  • Independent work - students will need private space to work by themselves
  • Whole group work - Olivia will meet with her students as a whole group several times a day
  • Technology - the classroom has an interactive white board, a large screen connected to her laptop that she uses for teaching, as well as several desktop computers
  • Center work - Olivia wants to have a classroom library and space dedicated to subject studies like math or science

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