How to Divide by 12

Instructor: Fedora Sutton Butler
Division is all about how many of a particular number of items can be found in a collection. In considering dividing by 12, you will be first introduced to sets or groups and how they can be divided. Then, you will be introduced to how multiplication can help with division.

Using Grouping for Dividing by 2

If you are dividing by 2, you must ask yourself how many 2s are in the total collection of items.

Let's say you had 10 crackers and you wanted to divide 10 by 2. It means you are asking how many groups of 2 there are in the total collection of 10 crackers.

Example of Dividing by 2 Using Grouping
Grouping by twos

You should have the same thoughts when trying to divide by 12.

Using Multiplication for Dividing by 12

Suppose you have one set of 12 crackers. You ask yourself: how many sets of 12 are there in the total set of 12 crackers? The answer is 1.

12 ÷ 12 = 1

Two sets of 12 crackers equal one set of 24 crackers. This is the same as 2 * 12 = 24.

Therefore, how many sets of 12 crackers are there in a set of 24 crackers?

Just divide 24 by 12. 24 ÷ 12 = 2.

Example of Dividing by 12 Using Grouping
Grouping by twelve

You can check your answer by counting the items. However, you need to be able to divide by 12 faster than it takes to count items.

If you invite 12 friends to a party and you have a bag of M&Ms and everyone wants 10 M&Ms, what do you do?

First, you will need to know how many M&Ms you should have in order to give everyone 10 each. How can you do so without grouping and counting?

You can use multiplication facts to help with division.

What do I mean by that?

Let's check out how you would use multiplication to help divide your M&Ms.

You have 12 friends. Each friend wants 10. Therefore, the total number of M&Ms you will need will be 12 * 10 = 120.

Since you have 12 friends, 120 is divided by 12. Therefore, 120 ÷ 12 = 10. Each friend will receive 10 M&Ms.

12 times table

Use the multiplication and division table to determine the number of M&Ms you would give each of your 12 friends, if you had a total of 144 M&Ms.

The answer is 12 because 144 pieces divided equally among 12 friends is 144 ÷ 12 = 12.

Dividing by 12 Using the Factors of 12

Factors are numbers which, when multiplied together, produce the main number.

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