How to Divide by 6

Instructor: Carla Palomino
In this lesson, you'll learn how to divide by 6 by solving real-life math problems with something from your lunch bag - apples. You'll also learn about division symbols and sentences while exploring two different ways of understanding division by 6.

Division Sentences and Symbols

If your teacher wants you to copy a math problem from the board, he or she will write a division sentence. A division sentence includes numbers, the division symbol and an equal sign, like 24 ÷ 6 = 4 or 24 / 6 = 4. Here, the ÷ sign and a backslash are to say 'divided by.'

Understanding Division

When you divide by 6, you're splitting a number into 6 equal groups or groups of 6 items each.

Division by 6 can be understood in two ways:

1. When you divide to find the number of objects in each group. For example:

A farmer is filling boxes with apples. The farmer has 30 apples and 6 boxes. If she divides them equally, how many apples will she put in each box?

2. When you divide to find the number of groups. For example:

A farmer has 30 apples. She wants to sell the apples in boxes of 6. How many boxes of 6 can she fill?

Division can be used to find the number of objects in a group or the number of groups
Divide by 6 1

How to Divide by Six

When you divide by 6, you're trying to find out how many 6s there are in your total number. Here's where a table of 6 can be a big help.

Problem 1

Imagine you have 24 apples, and you want to split them evenly into 6 boxes. How many apples will you put in each box?

1. First, write out the division sentence, and draw a picture of the problem to help you understand what you are doing. In this problem, we need to find out the number of objects in each group.

2. Make a table of 6 to find out how many times 6 fits into the number 24.

3. Lastly, write down the answer: 4.

Steps for finding the number of objects in groups
Division by 6 2

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