How to Find the Volume of a Right Prism

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Kadoria Burgess

I have a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and Spanish. I have taught for 5 years in bilingual classrooms of various elementary grade levels.

Can all of it fit inside? How much will it hold? These are questions that involve the volume of an object, and in this lesson, you will learn how to find the volume of a solid figure known as a right prism.

What is Volume?

Your family is moving to a new house. You're packing your clothes into the last box, but you're not sure that everything will fit inside. Oh no! The box seems long and deep enough, but you have no idea if all of your clothes will fit. That's an easy fix - just find the volume!

What is the volume? Volume is the amount of space that an object or solid figure has inside. The key to finding the volume is to know the main shape of the solid figure. So, what is the main shape of a packing box? In this case, the main shape of our packing box is a square.

What is a Right Prism?

A packing box is made up of two rectangles on the ends and four rectangular faces, or flat parts. A packing box is an example of a right prism. A right prism is a solid object with two parallel bases, or ends, that are identical, and then has flat faces that are rectangles.

It is important to remember that right prisms have no curves. Also, there are different types of right prisms. Rectangular prisms, pentagonal prisms, hexagonal prisms, and right triangular prisms are all a few examples of right prisms; yet, the method to find the volume of these different prisms is very similar. A packing box is an example of a right rectangular prism, so we'll focus on finding the volume of this right rectangular prism first.

A long packing box is an example of a right rectangular prism.
long packing box

Find the Volume of a Right Prism

To find the volume of a right rectangular prism, we multiply the length x width x height. We know the area of a rectangle is length x width, and in the case of the prism, we have added a new dimension, which is height. So, we use the area of the base and multiply this times the height to find our volume.

Let's follow these steps to find the volume of the packing box.

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