How to Get Kids Excited for Physical Activity

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  • 0:04 Childhood Physical Activity
  • 0:30 Knowing What Kids Like
  • 1:31 Getting Everyone Involved
  • 2:15 A Well-Rounded Workout
  • 2:38 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Combating obesity, inactivity, and laziness is a growing crisis. Helping kids to be excited to be involved in physical activity can change their lives. This lesson offers valuable tips for creating an active lifestyle.

Childhood Physical Activity

With the rise of childhood obesity and the number of distractions available to kids, making a plan and being consistent with physical activity will help kids feel better. Kids thrive on movement. They need to jump, run, climb, and spend some time getting valuable vitamin D from being in the sun. Helping kids get excited for physical activity can help them throughout their entire lives.

Knowing What Kids Like

The younger the child is, the more likely they are to try anything you offer to them. However, older children may have negative feelings or experiences about some activities. For this reason, it's important to communicate with kids and find out what they enjoy doing.

Younger children are easily entertained by chasing balls, climbing on rocks, swinging, picking up sticks, dancing, and other basic activities. Toddlers and small children will mimic what they see. Your interaction is vital to keeping them entertained. Take time to crawl, run, and jump with them.

Older children may prefer organized activities. Sports teams may offer support and challenge that will keep your kids engaged. Finding an activity that they enjoy is critical to their wanting to be physically active. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, dance classes, and swimming are just some of the options for older kids. Even when they aren't at organized practice, having time to practice with you can help them grow in ability and be more connected with you.

Getting Everyone Involved

Physical activity is important for everyone, not just kids. There are a number of activities that groups, such as classes or families, can enjoy together. The more of an active lifestyle the family has, the more of a habit movement will be for children. Exercise will be a natural part of their life, rather than an occasional activity that is uncomfortable or foreign to them.

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