How to Grow an Opt-In Email List

Instructor: Tara Schofield
Email marketing is a fast, inexpensive, and effective way to market your company or organization. Having an opt-in email list ensures people want to receive your message and are more likely to respond.

Using an Opt-In Email List

Let's imagine you own a small health club and send out a weekly email to your clients. You want to grow your email list but want to ensure you do it properly to avoid sending spam (unwanted email) to your clients. You can build your opt-in email list into a valuable marketing tool using a variety of techniques.

This lesson examines what an opt-in email list is, why it is important to use this type of list, how to grow your list, and how to increase response.

The Importance of Opt-In Email Lists

How can you create an email list for your health club that helps you reach only people who want to hear from you? Use an opt-in email list - a collection of email addresses for individuals who have requested or agreed to receive emails from a company or organization. When a person opts-in, they give permission to your business to send them emails.

An opt-in email list ensures that you are contacting people legally and that you are not annoying people with spam. If you email customers or prospective customers who have not opted-in, they probably won't even open and read your message. Having an opt-in email list ensures that you are sending information to people who want it.

Ways to Grow an Opt-In Email List

So how can you build an effective opt-in email list for your health club? Some effective methods are making it easy to sign up for customers to sign up for your email list on your website, on social media, and at events. Targeted advertising can also help generate interest in learning about your business through your email.

Website Traffic

Say your health club has a great website with consistent traffic. Add a button to the homepage that visitors can click to opt-in to your weekly email by entering their email address.

The more people who visit your website, the more opt-in requests you can get. If you focus on making your website attractive with useful content and optimizing it for search engines, you can drive more traffic to the site and to your email list.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful way to reach current and future customers. When you post information about your health club on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, or include tips on Pinterest, you can ask the viewer to click on a link to subscribe to the email list. Social media is vibrant, fast way to grow your opt-in email list.


Face-to-face marketing and events are very helpful in building your opt-in email list. Your health club may have a booth at local events, such as the county fair, community expos, and health events. You and your staff can talk to people, tell them about the fitness center, and ask if they would like to get your weekly free email. When they sign up and give you their email address, you can add them to your list of opt-in emails.


Placing ads online such as on Facebook and Google can help increase traffic to your website or opt-in page. You can also place ads on partnering pages, e.g., other websites and blogs that target the same type of customer you are hoping to reach.

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