How to Incorporate Social Media Into a Marketing Campaign

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  • 0:04 Social Media Marketing
  • 1:00 Determining Marketing Channels
  • 2:05 Integrating Social Media
  • 3:49 Multi-Faceted Approach…
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: April Ray

April has taught college communication courses for over eight years and has a master's degree in Media Communication.

In this lesson, we consider ways to integrate social media marketing (SMM) into a broader promotional campaign. We examine social media marketing as a tool to be used in conjunction with other marketing channels to produce the best promotional effects.

Social Media Marketing

You work for a local specialty jewelry store, and your boss has called a meeting to discuss the company's marketing campaign. Apparently, one of your coworkers suggested that the company focus primarily on social media marketing. Social media marketing (SMM) is the promotion of brands and products using social media communication tools and channels. As the newest member of the promotional team, you are uncertain if this is a good strategy for the business, and you begin to wonder if your coworker has a good idea. Will it be good to invest all the marketing endeavors into only one SMM channel?

Your boss begins the meeting with some simple questions for the marketing team. Why shouldn't our marketing campaign focus only on social media channels? How can we integrate social media campaigns into a broader marketing plan? Why would our company wish to pursue a multi-faceted marketing approach? He begins to answer these questions for your promotional team.

Determining Marketing Channels

Your boss reviews the current marketing channels, which are the communication methods and tools that deliver the company brand and products to the public. He says that we currently email many of our repeat customers sales and deals, and we also use our social media marketing channels. Also, we have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts actively promoting our brand and jewelry.

One of your coworkers asks, 'So, if we have all of those social media marketing channels in use, why would we need to use any other types of marketing channels?'

Your boss considers this question and then responds, 'It is important to use various marketing channels to reach all of our target audiences. Not everyone is connected with social media, and it is important to reach all of our clients. For example, an older generation of customers loves our specialty jewelry, but many of them are not completely comfortable with newer technological tools.'

You agree with your boss and feel the company would not benefit from using only social media marketing channels as the sole means of promotion, yet you wonder how the team might be able to integrate social media marketing channels into a broader marketing campaign.

Integrating Social Media

You contribute to the conversation by saying, 'I agree that we should not limit our promotional campaign to social media channels, but how might we integrate these popular social media tools into a broader marketing campaign?'

Your boss seems impressed by your thought process and responds, 'It's important to unite all of our marketing channels to deliver the same promotional information simultaneously. Currently, we use content curation with our business website, which is the process of collecting information that is associated with an idea, topic, or interest. This helps us share our brand and product information immediately to all of our marketing channels. The content curation feeds consistent details about our deals and sales promotions immediately to our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.'

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