How to Increase Your Visibility With College Coaches

Instructor: Christopher Sailus

Chris has an M.A. in history and taught university and high school history.

In this lesson we explore several different ways student-athletes can help themselves get recruited. Sometimes, networking and getting yourself 'seen' can be just as important as performances.

College Sports

So you want to play sports in college or university? Are you the best player on your team? Are you one of the best in your county, league, or region? Do you have what it takes to manage a stressful training schedule while still excelling in the classroom?

If you answered 'yes' to all these questions, you may just have what it takes to earn a scholarship to play sports at the collegiate level. But there are thousands of good high school players out there, and being a good player and a good student is rarely enough to earn you a scholarship. This lesson will give you some examples that can help you improve your visibility with college coaches and get that scholarship.

Know Your Sport

Knowing what the recruiting situation and scholarship scene is like in your sport is the most important thing to kick-starting the recruiting process. College coaching staffs in some sports, like football or basketball, have extensive scouting and recruiting networks that will likely find you and make first contact if your play is good enough.

But for most college sports outside of the mainstream, recruiting is a less formal process. In some sports, coaches have no budget, so recruits need to reach out directly to coaches to get on their radar. In other sports, coaches only attend major club team competitions, so playing well for your high school team won't help you much.

Knowing the lay of the recruiting land in your sport will help you focus your energies in a positive direction.

Coach Talk

Another great place to start is with your high school or club team coaches. There is a good chance these coaches have contacts at the next level, whether through past playing or coaching experiences. Your coach may be able to put you into contact directly with the coaches themselves, or at the very least write you a recommendation letter that you can send to other college coaches.

Write Letters

In most sports, you will need to be proactive in the recruiting process. You can get on the radar of college coaches by first simply letting them know you exist and intend to play at the collegiate level. Write a letter or pick up a phone and call the athletic department or coach for whom you want to play.

Every coach hates missing out on a top player; they may not have heard of you before, but now that you have made contact, they will likely track your performance and view you as a potential recruit.

Join Recruiting Sites

With everyone living on the internet these days, it should come as no surprise that there are dozens of sites devoted to recruiting and tracking high school athletes. It doesn't take an invite to join these; most you can join for free by filling out a profile with your basic specifications. Coaches and scouts use these sites, and ensuring your profile is visible and up-to-date can improve your chances at being recruited.

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