How to Keep Up with Trends in Education

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Esther Bouchillon

Esther has taught middle school and has a master's degree in gifted education.

In this lesson, we will look at several ways teachers can stay up to date on trends in education. We will discuss topics such as attending professional development, taking a college class, joining a professional organization, among others.

Changes in Education

Have you ever looked at photos from five or ten years ago and noticed that fashion trends have changed greatly? Perhaps you have also noticed fashion trends from previous decades frequently come back into popularity. Fashion changes from designers filter down from runway styles to the general public. Much like changing fashion trends, education trends also change frequently. Sometimes previous ideas even come back into popularity. While fashion gets ideas from runway designers, education trends are based on research and legislation. Better research allows the science of teaching to keep improving as we better understand how learning takes place and what can best be done to encourage students. Legislation regarding education enables lawmakers to address the changing needs of students and society as they change over time.

It is important to keep up with current trends in education since they determine what is currently accepted to be the best way to teach students. However, just like some fashion trends can be ridiculous passing fads, some trends in education may also change rapidly. It is important for teachers to stay current in their knowledge, but decide for themselves which research trends best fit their teaching style, classroom, and group of students. Let's look at some ways teachers can stay informed about current education trends.

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