How to Lead Virtual Teams Effectively

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  • 0:44 Reach Out Frequently
  • 1:37 Emphasize Communication
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Your team is spread out all over the world and it's your job to lead them effectively. This lesson offers three areas you can focus on to strengthen communication, loyalty, and team spirit.

How to Lead Virtual Teams Effectively

As businesses are evolving and providing options for employees, more companies have virtual teams that work from homes or offices in cities around the world. This has created challenges for leaders when trying to manage and unite their teams. Leading virtual teams effectively requires conscious effort and flexibility. It also requires consistent communication and feedback to ensure the needs of the individuals and the needs of the team are met.

When leading a virtual team, you want to be sure to reach out frequently to members of your team, emphasize communication between team members, and build on common bonds so team members can become closer and work better together.

Reach Out Frequently

First, you want to ensure you personally connect with the team members via telephone calls, video conferencing, or email on a regular basis. Working virtually can be very lonely and isolating for your team, which makes it even more vital that you are conscientious about reaching out to your team members on a frequent and regular basis.

Let's imagine you are the leader of a team of reporters for an international magazine. Because your team is located throughout the world, you rarely see your employees in person. However, you have weekly calls set up with each person to discuss what projects they are working on, how their stories are coming, and if they have any problems they need help with. You also take a few minutes to talk about their personal lives, making sure to show you care about them personally, as well as professionally. As a result, your team members are very loyal to you, are willing to take on additional projects, and are known for their hard work.

Emphasize Communication

Next, you recognize as a leader it is important to encourage team members to communicate with each other often and to have regular team discussions. Having consistent meetings and interaction is critical to having a cohesive team. As the staff members work together frequently, the team bond grows stronger.

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