How to Multiply by 8

Instructor: Jennifer Zaur

Jennifer has taught at both the elementary and university level. She holds a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction.

Learn several different strategies, including repeated addition, making groups, and arrays, that you can use to help you successfully learn multiply by eight.

What Does it Mean to Multiply by 8?

In this lesson, we are learning about multiplying by eight, but what does that really mean? Let's think about what it means to multiply by eight by planning a birthday party! Imagine that you are having a birthday party and at your party there will be eight kids. To make sure you have enough of everything at your party, you will need to multiply by eight. For example, if you want to each of your friends to have two cupcakes, you will need to solve the problem 2 x 8 so that you have enough for each of your friends. This is multiplying by eight. There are four different ways you can do this. Let's learn about each one.

Repeated Addition

The first way you can multiply by 8 is to use repeated addition. It is called repeated addition because you repeatedly add the same number together. Let's use the problem of 2 x 8 to figure out how many cupcakes you would need for each of your friends to be able to have two cupcakes at your party. To solve 2 x 8 using repeated addition, follow the steps below:

2 x 8

1. Draw the same number of lines as the first number in the multiplication problem. In this problem the first number is 2, so we will draw two lines.

two lines

2. Put an addition sign between the lines.

Lines with plus

3. Put the second number in the addition problem on each line. The second number in this problem is 8, so we will put 8 on each line.

Lines with plus and 8

4. Solve the addition problem

Full Problem

Since 8 + 8 = 16, then we know that 2 x 8 = 16.

Making Groups

Another way to solve the problem of 2 x 8 is by making groups. Let's practice making groups by solving the problem our cupcake problem from the birthday part of 2 x 8. Start by drawing the same number of circles as the first number in the problem. The first number in this problem is 2, so we will make 2 circles.

Two blank circles

Next, add 8 to each circle. We are adding 8 since the second number in the problem is 8. We will use cupcakes to represent the eight items we are adding.

Two circles with cupcakes

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