How to Present a Public Relations Plan

Instructor: Brianna Whiting

Brianna has a masters of education in educational leadership, a DBA business management, and a BS in animal science.

We have all been a part of a presentation, whether it was giving one or attending one. In this lesson we will learn about a particular presentation known as a public relations plan. We will explore how to prep for, and what to include, during the presentation.

A First Look at Presenting a Public Relations Plan

Meet Cindy! Cindy's job is to communicate to the public on behalf of her company. Sometimes she presents new products the company is releasing, or promotes new, environmentally safe methods that it is implementing. Cindy assists in creating many public relations plans, but this will be her very first solo plan. You see, until now, Cindy has always had a team to help her with all of a plan's details, but her boss has asked her to create a plan of her very own. Before she begins, she decides to research what considerations to keep in mind when presenting her plan.

Foundation Definitions

Let's start with the basic definition of public relations. Public relations is the method of conveying a positive image of a company or organization to the public. Those in the field of public relations strive to ensure that the public accepts a favorable image of the company, and in doing so, the public continues to support and/or does business with the company.

Presentation Considerations

In preparation for her presentation, Cindy knows she needs to address some key concepts and strategies.

- To start, she needs to make sure her presentation goals are clear. If she doesn't know what she hopes to accomplish with the presentation, it will not be successful. Cindy knows that she wants to increase the number of company clients by 30%. She needs to have a clear strategy in selling the product or service the company is promoting in order to meet this goal.

- Next, she needs to know who her target audience is. This means she must understand who she wishes to reach with her presentation. Cindy, is looking to cater her message to potential customers for the products that her company sells.

- Cindy also needs to determine what media outlets she wants to contact to assist in getting the word out about her company's new product, service, or event. These media contacts will also help in the future by continuing to help promote her company's product.

- The next step is designing the strategy and tactics for her presentation. For example, Cindy wants to entice new customers to do business with her company. In order to do so, she might have a presentation on the company lawn to bring customers to the actual building. In holding it there, she increases the chances of customers actually going into the building to shop after her presentation.

- Cindy will also need to know what her budget is, and have a backup plan if the weather does not cooperate with an outdoor event. Cindy knows that she has enough money in her budget to purchase gift bags for her audience, as well as refreshments. Should the weather not cooperate, she has pre-arranged to host the presentation in a spare conference room in the building.

The Presentation

Now that we know how to prepare for a presentation using Cindy's example, let's look at giving a great public relations presentation. In this section we will also look at some differences when presenting to customers, versus presenting to fellow employees or a boss.

Interesting Facts- If you really want to grab your audience's attention, you might start with some unusual or interesting facts about the company, or the product you are promoting. Who doesn't enjoy a new tidbit of information to get them interested? This can also create a hook for any media that you have invited. New facts draw customers in by making them want to hear more, are also a great way to impress your boss. By doing this, you demonstrate that you have done research and have gained an advanced understanding of the company or product.

Demonstrations- We have all heard the phrase, seeing is believing. This holds true even in the field of public relations. If the public can see a successful product demonstration, they will be more convinced to do business with the company. This is also another a great way to show management that you are knowledgeable about the product, and that you have the ability to demonstrate the product to potential customers.

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