How to Select Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

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  • 0:03 Developmentally Appropriate
  • 0:49 Curriculum Choices
  • 1:51 Selecting Curriculum
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Sharon Linde
Choosing material that is both age and skill-level appropriate can be tricky for any teacher. This lesson explains the concept behind selecting appropriate curriculum and shares methods of determining levels.

Developmentally Appropriate

When Angela started teaching years ago, curriculum choices were pretty simple and straightforward. If a student was in first grade, the curriculum was geared towards a child of that age. If a first grader couldn't successfully complete the work, teachers made recommendations for extra support or even possible retention. In other words, the student needed to adjust to the curriculum.

New approaches in Angela's school require her to select, develop, and use developmentally appropriate curriculum. Instead of the child adjusting to curriculum, this method fits the curriculum to the individual student's needs and level. Angela is a little worried about this method. How will she be able to choose curriculum for all her students? What criteria should she use? Luckily, her principal has provided her with several resources to help her out.

Curriculum Choices

Angela learns that developmentally appropriate curriculum should challenge students, but not overwhelm them. A curriculum that is at the right level is work a student can do with scaffolding and support from a teacher at the beginning and eventually achieve mastery of independently. Angela knows from experience that although children learn and develop in predictable sequences and steps, they each make progress in their own unique way.

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