How to Start an Anti-Bullying Campaign

Instructor: Elisha Madison

Elisha is a writer, editor, and aspiring novelist. She has a Master's degree in Ancient Celtic History & Mythology and another Masters in Museum Studies.

If you are passionate about stopping bullying in your schools or town, you can start an anti-bullying campaign in your community. The following lesson discusses the steps to starting your own anti-bullying campaign.


Bullying is considered an epidemic in our society, with kids and adults being bullied on a daily basis. But what is bullying? It is when people that are aggressive and intimidating to others try to control a situation with physical or emotional attacks. With social media, the bullying has been exacerbated because no one can get away from the intimidation and aggressive behavior. When you add that to the fact that many schools still do not have guidelines or rules against bullying, it becomes a huge obstacle for students and parents alike. To counter the negativity of bullying, many people have started campaigns and groups to help stop this behavior in their community. However, how do you even start?

How to Get Started

Start an Anti-bullying Campaign

The first question you need to ask yourself is: why do you want to start this campaign? And second: what are you trying to accomplish? Bullying awareness isn't enough; people know there is bullying. So, what are you are trying to do? Are you trying to create a support network for people who have been bullied? Do you want to create new regulations in the schools in your community that handle bullying and its effects? There are many different ways to address the issue, but you do need to determine your campaign's general idea. Once you have answered these questions, you can begin following these steps:

  • Choose your campaign's focus- Although it is a challenge, you need to decide what part of bullying you are trying to address specifically. Since you need to smart small in the beginning, one focus is best. You can always expand later.
  • Research- Now that you have a focus, research online in your area and make sure that there is not another campaign or group that is already addressing the needs you want to focus on. If there is, then find a complementary campaign you can run so that you are helping the support networks and groups that are already in the area.
  • Choose your leaders- Once you have the campaign idea and know it is needed in your community, then it is important to choose who is going to help you with the campaign. One person cannot do it all and sleep, so make sure to pick trustworthy people that have the time and passion to dedicate to the cause.
  • Decide which actions your campaign will take first- Now that you have a foundation of people, what is your campaign going to do first? How is it going to address bullying issues in your community? Perhaps you can arrange a rally at the local high school or have someone speak at an assembly about their experiences with bullying. Or perhaps you can work with a group to set up a hotline, manned by local teens and adults who can be supportive for students. You can always go into your local police department and see if they have programs. Even if they don't, they may still have ideas and needs.
  • Start with an event- A good way to get your campaign up and running is to have an event. Advertise at the local schools and businesses, and see if you can hold a meeting or event for your campaign. If you are trying to collect money for bullying services, then talk to local restaurants that will give you a percentage of sales for the night to go towards your cause.
  • Find appropriate sponsors- You don't necessarily need a sponsor, but having a business that is willing to fund events or rallies can help you have the foundation needed to really have staying power. Plus, that way, you'll be able to pay people for their assistance instead of just asking for volunteers.

Events or Safe Places

Bully-Free Zone

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