How to Stop Being a Bully

Instructor: Quentin Shires

Quentin has taught psychology and other social science classes at the university level and is considered a doctoral colleague at Capella University.

Learn what being a bully means and how to stop this destructive behavior. Also, review steps to make amends to your victim by way of an authentic apology.

The History of Bullying

In the 16th century, the word bully was used as a term of endearment, oftentimes meaning or referring to being one's love or sweetheart. However, being a bully in today's society certainly has a negative connotation, as the word describes a person who uses strength, force, and intimidation in order to influence or force victims to do something that they want. Bullying behavior comes in different forms and expressions, so it is important to identify these behaviors so you can begin making amends to help build a strong and healthy support system.

Bullying can occur in three forms that include verbal, physical, and social.

What Is Bullying?

Bullying is unwanted aggressive behavior that is oftentimes repetitive, spreading fear and anger throughout your school. Bullying can be presented in three main forms, including verbal, physical, and social instances. Let's look at the types of bullying behavior so you can identify the way that you tend to bully other individuals.

Verbal bullying. Verbal bullying includes teasing, name-calling, making inappropriate sexual comments, and taunting other students at your school. For example, have you ever noticed the kid whom everyone makes fun of because of the way they talk or walk? In these instances, many people may call this person horrible names. If you have ever participated in name-calling toward an individual, this is considered verbal bullying.

Physical bullying. Physical bullying includes hitting, punching, spitting at other people, or harming their physical belongings. It's easy to see how punching that 11th grade student to show off in front of your friends constitutes as being a physical bully. However, did you know that grabbing their backpack and emptying out the contents is also considered a physical act of bullying?

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