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How to Teach Teachers How to Teach

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Instructor: Marquis Grant

Marquis has a Doctor of Education degree.

Impacts can always be made in a classroom, even by someone who may not be born to teach. Learn about initial preparation, teaching the teacher, the use of student data, professional development, mentoring, and feedback. Updated: 11/02/2021

Born to Teach?

If you ask some teachers why they chose the teaching profession, they may tell you that they were 'born to teach.' In other words, teaching comes as naturally to them as taking a breath; it's a part of who they are. For others, teaching does not come as easily, but with the right guidance and support, they can become just as good at educating children.

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Initial Preparation

Teaching teachers how to teach begins long before the teacher enters the schoolhouse. The pathway to being an effective teacher starts during the preparatory stage, when the teacher candidate is given the foundational support for classroom practice. There are at least two ways in which teachers can satisfactorily prepare for their classroom duties based on state guidelines: traditional teacher education preparation programs and alternative routes to certification.

Many of us who enter the teaching profession do so by way of traditional teacher preparation programs. The traditional preparation programs are offered through colleges and universities and offer courses that are designed to give teacher candidates an overview of the classroom. Clinical and student teaching experiences are intended to give pre-service candidates an opportunity to apply knowledge from courses to real-world scenarios.

Alternative certification is designed for those who already have degrees and have decided to embark on a career as an educator. Alternative programs are attractive because an individual can start teaching as a lateral entry teacher while completing course requirements in a much faster period of time.

Teaching the Teacher

Learning to teach does not end once the teacher candidate graduates from his or her college program. Learning to teach remains a necessary part of an educator's career. There are still lessons to learn about the most effective methods for teaching and increasing student achievement. Many teachers leave the profession early on because they simply were not able to deliver in the classroom. However, with a few good strategies and effective support, the pathway to becoming a great teacher can be within reach for most of us.

Using Student Data

Using student data is an often-overlooked critical component of instructional practice. Teachers cannot do their jobs effectively if they do not use data to drive instruction. Student data should be an integral part of strategic planning, from lesson plans to gathering of materials to use for instruction. Don't be afraid to ask for guidance if you have reservations about data-driven instruction. It's better if you are honest from the beginning and get the support you need rather than miss an opportunity to truly impact what you do in the classroom on a daily basis.

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