How to Use Facebook for Business Networking

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  • 0:04 Why Use Facebook to Network?
  • 0:44 How to Network with Facebook
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Facebook is a powerful way for business professionals to network. Use the four steps outlined in this lesson to expand your own business network and strengthen your company.

Why Use Facebook to Network?

Business networking, or the process of creating and maintaining business contacts and opportunities, can be a very time- and energy-consuming task. However, with the growing prominence of social media, networking is becoming increasingly easier. One of the most widely used tools for business networking is Facebook. It's so popular as a business networking tool due to its wide reach: each day, as many as a billion people log onto Facebook, so there are ample opportunities to connect with consumers as well as other companies. Additionally, running a company's Facebook page requires little training, and it provides an immediate point of contact - both of which are factors that save businesses time and money.

How to Network with Facebook

There are several effective ways to interact with other professionals on Facebook:

The first is to join a group. Run a simple search to find other groups that have the focus you're interested in. For instance, if you are a small business owner and want to connect with other small business owners, simply search for 'entrepreneurs' or 'small business owners' to find a selection of groups tailored to running a small business. Spend time reading the description and choosing the groups that are most fitting to your (or your company's) personality and goals.

Next, you might start a group. Starting a group is free and takes only minutes. By creating your own Facebook group, you can attract people looking for the same type of support and networking. Creating your own group requires effort and consistency on your part. The benefit is you get to create the exact group you want. You get to be in charge.

As in our previous example, you might start a group for small business owners. You can create an even more precise niche by making your group more specific. For instance, if you are a bookstore owner, you can start a group for independent small bookstore owners. This will help attract a more precise audience of others who are also interested in topics specific to independent bookstore proprietors.

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