How to Use Henceforth in a Sentence

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Charles Kinney, Jr.
'Henceforth' is an important-sounding word that gives your reader a point in time. Used correctly, it can help your reader understand exactly when you want something to happen. In this lesson, you will learn how to use 'henceforth' in different sentence structures.

The Time Machine

Humans might have long dreamed about going back and forth in time, but no one had ever created a story from this idea. The creation of machines in the 19th century allowed humans to think such travel might be possible. The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, a sci-fi novel published in 1895, popularized the idea of time travel. Henceforth, a machine that could travel back and forth in time became known as a 'time machine.'

Henceforth is an adverb, a word that modifies or helps to describe a verb in a sentence. A verb is an action. Let's look at where 'henceforth' comes from and how to use it in a sentence.

Using Henceforth

If 'henceforth' sounds like a word from Old English, that's because it is. It comes from two words: hence (because of this) and forth (from this moment in time). It is a very formal way of saying because of this, this will happen from now on and from this moment and onward.

'Henceforth' is not only a legal word (i.e., used in legal documents), it is sometimes used in higher education and certain official documents.

There are several ways to use 'henceforth' in a sentence:

independent clause + that + henceforth + independent clause

  • The vote is unanimous. It is formally agreed that henceforth our company will be named the ABC Corporation. (modifying: agreed from that moment on, the name of the company is ABC Corporation)

  • The Supreme Court ruled that henceforth stores and restaurants are allowed to be open on Sundays. (modifying: ruling from now on stores and restaurants would be allowed to open on Sundays)

  • As of January 1, it will henceforth be illegal to sell cigarettes within 100 feet of a school. (modifying: will/cigarettes will not be allowed to be sold within 100 feet of a school from January 1 and onward)

independent clause + semi-colon (;) + henceforth + independent clause

  • The company has gone bankrupt; henceforth, all operations will cease. (modifying: will/from this moment on, the company no longer exists)

  • I have given up on meat; henceforth, I will be a vegetarian. (modifying: will/from now on, I am a vegetarian)

henceforth + independent clause

  • Henceforth, students who fail to attend 75% of classes will receive a half-letter penalty on their final grade. (modifying: fail and will receive/from that moment on, students who do not attend at least 75% of their classes will receive a penalty on their final grade)

  • Henceforth, any attempt at falsifying records will be severely punished. (modifying: falsifying and will/from now on, anyone who tries to change permanents records will be in trouble)

independent clause + should + henceforth + dependent clause

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