How to Use WordArt in PowerPoint

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Karen Sorensen

Karen has a Bachelors in Communications. She has 25 years of experience in Information Systems, Adult Learning and Virtual Training.

If you want to get super fancy and create your own style of text, WordArt is for you! In this lesson, we will take a look at the WordArt feature in PowerPoint, see some examples and discuss the difference between WordArt and SmartArt.


WordArt was first introduced in Microsoft Word. In 2007, it was incorporated into PowerPoint as well. This feature lets you add different effects to your text, such as bend and stretch or modify the shape of the letters.

WordArt is probably one of the most common features used in PowerPoint because it can really enhance your presentations and it is easy to use. In this lesson, you will be introduced to WordArt, learn how it is different than SmartArt and see how to insert WordArt onto your slide.

Inserting WordArt

A good place to use WordArt is in titles, such as the title slide of the presentation, title of a slide and titles of the text boxes within your slides. You could say that WordArt lets you create your own style of text, and you can get very creative. Not only can you change the shape of your text by stretching and bending the word or sentence, you can change the outline color of the letters and add texture and color schemes to the inside of the letters, or fill.

Let's begin with reviewing the steps to creating WordArt. And in our example, we will add WordArt to our title slide. The title will be 'California's Best Places to Ride.'

Start by going to the Insert menu and clicking on the WordArt command. This will give you a style selection box for the text. Before we get too fancy, we need to choose the basic style for our text, and there are several choices. Keep in mind; we can change the look of the text by adding different effects, even after we select the basic style.

Once you have selected the style, a text box will appear on your slide. Enter your text and you are good to go. You will notice that the Drawing Tools/Format menu has opened in the ribbon. This command will help you add more effects to the text in the box. For example, in the WordArt Styles grouping of commands, click on the Text Effects icon in the lower, right-hand corner. Here you can add shadows and reflections or even 3-D effects to your text. However, my favorite option is the transform effect. This is where you can stretch and bend your text, like making the text go in a circle.

Just above the Text Effects icon is the Text Outline and then the Text Fill. You can choose from many colors, color schemes, gradients and textures for the fill and outline of each letter. There are so many choices! And this means you can completely customize and personalize your text, creating your own style.

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