How to Write a Business Thank You Letter

Instructor: Allison Tanner
As a part of your work, you may be in charge of writing thank you letters for your customers and clients. This lesson covers the general structure and some tips for writing the perfect letter!

Business Thank You Letter

A few years ago you opened a printing company in your hometown. You specialize in all types of services including wedding invitations, graduation announcements, and more. However, most of your business comes from local companies who use your services to print their marketing materials.

You have done a great job attracting and keeping loyal customers. You attribute this to your unique way of thanking them. For each client, you send out a handwritten thank you note explaining why you are grateful for their service.

In today's society, it's rare for customers or clients to receive thank you notes from the businesses they patronize. These are called thank you notes for businesses. You can make these your competitive advantage and they can play a major part in keeping your business booming.

Writing the Thank You

You recently hired a new assistant, Jane, and you plan to put her in charge of writing all the letters. In order to make sure they keep the same quality, you give her some letter writing tips and an example.


You first tell Jane that each letter should have a specific structure.

  • The thank you: Opening the letter with the 'thank you' is the most important part of your note. This can say 'thank you' or you can say 'we are grateful,' 'we appreciate,' or any other statement that indicates gratitude.
  • The what: You want to be sure to tell the client what you are thankful for. Avoid saying 'Thank you for being our customer.' This is boring and not specific. Think about what you are writing the letter for. It may be an anniversary or a monthly subscription. Consider something like, 'Thank you for your monthly purchases.' Or, 'Thank you for being a loyal customer for three consecutive years!' These 'what' statements give the letter a great personal touch.
  • The why: Tell your client why you are thankful. What has their loyalty done for your business? For example, 'With your continued support we have been able to expand our business and give back to the community.'
  • The desire: End the letter by telling the client that you are not only thankful for their support, you also want to continue the relationship. For example, 'We hope to continue assisting with your printing needs for many years to come'.
  • The signature: In the final closing, give the letter a warm signature! This might be something like 'Warm Regards,' followed by your name.

Now that Jane knows the basic structure of the letter, you share a few tips with her for how to make a client feel special. You want clients to know the letter was truly written for them personally.

Consider doing the following:

  • Handwrite letters whenever possible. There may be times when there are too many letters to write, but you should write them by hand every chance you get. Handwritten letters give the reader a unique opportunity to see and feel you really put time into thanking them.
  • Personalize the thank you for each client. You want to make sure they know that the thank you was written for them specifically and is not just a generic note.

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