How to Write a Teacher Introduction Letter to Parents

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  • 0:01 Teacher Introduction Letter
  • 0:33 Introduction and Opening
  • 1:46 Teaching Philosophy
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Derek Hughes
A teacher introduction letter is the first contact you will have with your students' parents. This lesson will help you write a letter that includes all of the most important things parents should know.

Teacher Introduction Letter

Chances are, when a new year starts, you won't get a chance to individually meet every parent from your classroom until your school's 'back to school' night. This is why a teacher introduction letter, a letter that introduces yourself and your teaching philosophy to parents, is a useful tool. This letter can get you in touch with parents sooner than if you waited for back to school night or report card conferences.

This lesson will go through a sample introduction letter in order to show you some of the key elements of a good letter to help you write your own.

Introduction and Opening

Obviously, you'll want to start off your letter by addressing parents and introducing yourself. This section can include things such as your name, past teaching experience, and education. Veteran teachers should limit their past experience to one or two schools, while new teachers can include where they completed their student teaching experience. The following is an example of a good opening paragraph.

'Dear Parents/Guardians of Room 3,

My name is Amanda Smith, and I will be your child's teacher for the upcoming school year! I am very excited to meet all of your little ones and guide them through second grade. First, I would like to provide some background information about myself. I have been a teacher for 16 years. This is my fourth year teaching in XYZ Elementary. Prior to coming here, I taught in ABC Elementary. I have taught in many different grades, including five years in a second grade classroom. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from Local University, where I also completed a teacher training program. I also have a Masters of Education degree from Faraway University.'

Teaching Philosophy

After introducing yourself and providing some background information, the next section of your letter should focus on your teaching philosophy. This section will be tailored to what you believe is important as an educator. Try to avoid using technical language, as your audience might not be someone who is a trained teacher. Focus on how your teaching philosophy will benefit the students in your classroom.

'My many years of teaching experience have helped me develop a set of beliefs about how I can best help students learn and grow. First, I believe that in order to effectively teach my students, I must know as much about them as possible. Therefore, I will look forward to getting to know you and your family. Each student in my classroom is an individual with their own beliefs, ideas, and feelings. My teaching will be tailored to each student's preferred ways of learning so that they can all achieve to the best of their ability.

I also believe that students should take an active role in their learning. Therefore, many of my lessons place them at the center of the classroom, guiding learning. Your students will spend very little time listening to me talk at the front of the classroom. They will instead be active participants in all of the activities we do in the classroom.

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