How to Write Marketing Copy

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Sean Kennedy

Sean has 8 years experience as a supervisor and has an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

When writing marketing copy, you want to make sure you connect with the audience on an emotional level. Successful marketing copy should be emotional, persuasive, short and to the point.

The Importance of Marketing Copy

Marketing copy is written to help persuade customers into buying your product and to create awareness for your company. It is a vital part of any marketing and advertising campaign and is essential for connecting with customers and creating brand awareness. Your marketing copy should be creative and give customers a positive outlook on your product. Your overall goal is to make customers want to go out and buy your product.

Imagine you own a DJ company and you perform at weddings and special events. It might be important to you to create a marketing campaign that focuses on your flexibility, letting customers know you can perform anywhere, so they will want to book your company. You might also want to explain how events are much more fun and exciting when your company DJs. Marketing copy allows you to do these things by creating a positive image for customers while also gaining exposure for your business. In this lesson, we will further explore how to write successful marketing copy.

Emotional Copy

When describing your company in marketing copy, it is vital to try and connect with the customers emotionally. Marketing copy should make the customer have an emotional attachment to the product. When customers can connect the product with something that will benefit their lives, they will be more drawn to it.

Budweiser, for example, has a great handle on using emotion to attract customers, and their commercials reflect this. In 2015, Budweiser released its 'Lost Dog' commercial. It features a puppy who gets lost, and when it finally gets close to home, it is threatened by a wolf. The Budweiser Clydesdales, sensing the danger, break out of the barn to help the puppy and escort him safely home. This, as well as many of their other commercials, connects on an emotional level with customers and is something that will make them remember Budweiser.

Persuasive Copy

It is also important to make sure marketing copy is persuasive in order to convince customers they want to purchase the product. The objective is to describe the product in a way that makes it impossible for the customer to resist purchasing it. The company should also describe why their product is better than their competitors' products. When describing product information, it is always important to include visuals so customers can make a connection that way as well.

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