HR Coaching: Effectively Managing Organizational Talent

Instructor: Stephanie Lynne Mugnano
Talent management is an important process of an organization that can create a competitive advantage. This lesson will define talent management and explain how human resources (HR) can help coach managers to effectively manage talent.

Coaching for Effective Talent Management

Jenny is a human resources (HR) professional who has just been hired at Stunning Beauty Company, which is having major issues retaining their best employees. The organization is in a thriving industry that has become very competitive. Employees are leaving Stunning Beauty to work for the competition, which is causing the company to lose their competitive edge. The employees who left know all of Stunning Beauty's innovative strategies, which could help another company succeed. After careful research on the company's leadership and talent management plan, Jenny realizes she must gather the human resources department to revamp the culture and engage in coaching leadership to help manage talent more effectively.

Definition of Talent Management

The ever-changing global business world of the 21st century has created an environment in which organizations strive for a competitive advantage. Talent is the key ingredient to a successful organization. In order to gain and retain the best talent, HR should plan and implement a talent management strategy.

Talent management is a series of processes that help attract/recruit, develop, and retain the best employees, or talent. The ultimate goal of talent management is to ensure the best talent is properly developed to ensure retention.

HR's Role in Talent Management

HR in recent years has become a strategic business partner within organizations. In order to ensure a successful talent management plan, HR must work with organizational leaders to create a culture centered on a talent mindset. HR can ensure success as follows:

  • Gain senior leadership commitment to a talent management strategy
  • Educate top managers on the benefits of a successful management plan, including reduced costs and turnover rate
  • Coach all management on becoming the leaders the organization needs to effectively implement a talent management plan that aligns with the goals of the organization

Coaching Managers to Implement Effective Talent Management

After HR gains the commitment of executive leaders to engage in a talent management strategy, the HR team must begin coaching managers to become effective in order to ensure successful implementation. HR can coach managers to become leaders that strategize, coach, and develop their staff into a workforce that ultimately helps the organization achieve their business goals.

HR, with their objective view of the organization, can help coach managers on identifying personnel needs based on the goals of the company. Once the right talented individuals are hired for the right roles, HR must coach managers on how to retain them.

The most important role HR can play in talent management is continuously informing managers of the goals and vision of the organization. Communication is crucial in any process and must be followed through within all levels of the organization. HR should coach managers on how to listen and understand their employees and provide constructive feedback to guarantee employees remain satisfied in their positions. It is simply about coaching managers to become better leaders, which in turn can solve retention problems. HR is the expert on how to retain employees, therefore, the HR team must continuously give management the confidence and support that is needed to effectively develop their employees.

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