HR Department: Definition, Function & Responsibilities

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  • 0:01 What Is HR?
  • 1:13 Functions and Responsibilities
  • 3:51 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Brianna Whiting

Brianna has a masters of education in educational leadership, a DBA business management, and a BS in animal science.

In this lesson, we'll learn about the human resources department. We'll define the term and explore the many roles and responsibilities the human resources department fulfills including benefits and compensation, training and safety.

What Is HR?

Meet Austin! Austin just graduated from college and is eager to jump into the workforce. After countless hours searching for the perfect job, Austin found a position that fits him well. First, Austin submits his resume. He then receives a phone call to set up an interview. After the interview, Austin waits for what seems like an eternity, but then he hears back about the job. A woman on the phone tells Austin they would like to offer him the job and, after he accepts, she gives him directions on what happens next. Austin's experience gives a first look at one of the many responsibilities of human resources.

So, you may be wondering what human resources is and what they do. Well, human resources is a department that is in charge of sourcing and hiring employees. They track applicants and handle benefits. In other words, human resources is responsible for payroll, hiring and firing of employees, explaining and handling benefits, and making sure a company stays in compliance with all regulations both at the state and federal level.

Functions and Responsibilities

Like we mentioned before, human resources departments have many roles. In this section, we will look at some of those responsibilities and functions.

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