Human Development Stages Lesson Plan

Instructor: Dana Dance-Schissel

Dana teaches social sciences at the college level and English and psychology at the high school level. She has master's degrees in applied, clinical and community psychology.

What types of changes take place as humans grow and develop? This lesson plan explores the topic of human development with the help of a video lesson. An activity highlights key features of each stage of development.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • define 'human development'
  • list the stages of human development
  • summarize the challenges faced in each developmental stage


45 to 90 minutes

Curriculum Standards


Determine the central ideas or information of a primary or secondary source; provide an accurate summary of how key events or ideas develop over the course of the text.


Analyze in detail a series of events described in a text; determine whether earlier events caused later ones or simply preceded them.


Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including vocabulary describing political, social, or economic aspects of history/social science.


Integrate quantitative or technical analysis (e.g., charts, research data) with qualitative analysis in print or digital text.


  • Photocopies of the worksheet from the associated video lesson


  • Begin by asking students to take turns naming different stages in the human life cycle.
    • How many distinct stages did we come up with?
  • Play the video lesson Human Development Stages From Infancy to Late Adulthood, pausing it at 0:45.
    • What is 'human development'?
  • Play the video lesson again for the class, pausing it at 1:19.
    • What is infancy?
    • What are the hallmarks of the developmental stage of infancy?
  • Play the video lesson. Pause it at 2:04.
    • What is childhood?
    • Why is self-confidence an important factor in the developmental stage of childhood?
  • Play the video lesson and pause it this time at 3:12.
    • What is adolescence?
    • What challenges are faced by individuals in the developmental stage of adolescence?
    • Why is identity an important factor in adolescence?
  • Play the video lesson. Pause it at 5:09.
    • What is adulthood?
    • How many divisions exist within the developmental stage of adulthood?
    • What are the primary challenges in early adulthood?
    • Why does middle adulthood present a time of crisis for many?
    • What are the characteristics of late adulthood?
  • Play the remainder of the video lesson for the class.

Hand out the worksheet to each of the students in the class.

  • Ask students to work independently to complete the worksheet.
  • When all students have finished the worksheet, review each question and answer with the class as students follow along checking their work.

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