Human Genetics Activities & Games

Instructor: Tawnya Eash

Tawnya has a master's degree in early childhood education and teaches all subjects at an elementary school.

Are your students learning about human genetics in class? Check out this lesson if you are looking for activities and games to help deepen your students' understanding of human genetics.

Human Genetics

Students can have fun and stay active while learning about human genetics. Check out a few activities and games to see what you can use in your classroom to help your students as they are studying about human genetics. Feel free to change and adapt any idea to make it applicable to your students.


Where Did That Trait Come From?

Students get to study about the types of traits you can inherit from parents.


  • Resources on human genetics
    • Texts, books, articles, and/or computers with Internet
  • Notebooks
  • Pencils
  • Poster board
  • Crayons, markers, colored pencils


  • Students will work in groups of 2-3.
  • Explain that groups will research information and present a poster to show their classmates what traits children can inherit from their parents.
  • Provide time for students to conduct their research. The written/typed research report should include the following information:
    • What are human genetics?
    • What types of traits can be passed down from parents to children?
    • Examples of five traits that are part of heredity.
  • Once the students have completed their research and report, they will create a poster to display information.
  • Posters must include:
    • At least 5 traits that are part of heredity.
    • Picture or illustration of each trait.
    • A brief description of how each trait is passed (both parents, one parent, dominant trait, etc.) to the child.
  • Students are encouraged to create neat, unique posters that will grab the attention of their classmates.
  • When all groups are finished, they will present their posters. The research reports will be turned in.

Why are Genetics Important?

In this writing activity, students will get to explain the importance of continual study and knowledge of human genetics.


  • Resources on benefits/importance of studying human genetics
    • Texts, books, articles, and/or computers with Internet
  • Notebooks
  • Pencils
  • Writing paper or computer for typing

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