Human Geography Project Ideas

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

Human geography mixes culture and human studies with physical space and landscapes. These projects can help your students experiment with these ideas in unique and creative ways.

Human Geography

Many students understand that geography involves the study of physical landscapes. However, human geography can be a little harder to conceptualize. This discipline looks not just at physical space, but the ways that humans move through and interact with physical space. Where we put our cities, how we use resources, how our relationship with the landscape impacts our identities, our migrations, our borders; all of these are elements of human geography. These projects are designed to be easily adaptable to students of any grade level, so you can introduce the ideas of human geography to a class that's never heard the term or build on existing knowledge for more advanced students.

Human Geography Project Ideas

Global Summit

As a way to study the ways that humans divide themselves politically and culturally within physical space, your class is going to host a summit of world nations. Depending on class size, you can have students do this independently or in groups.

To start, each student (or group) will be assigned a country. The student will then have to study that country, learning about its human and physical geography, resources, cities, land use, major industries, culture, and relation to neighboring countries. Give students time to learn all about their country from the perspective of human geography. When students are ready, host your global summit and let each student present their country to the class.

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