Human Resources Best Practices in Schools

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Yolanda Reinoso Barzallo

Yolanda holds a CELTA Cambridge, a Juris Doctorate, and a Master of Public Administration. She is a published author of fiction in Spanish.

This lesson provides an overview of best practices for school administration to effectively coordinate and align human resources, place teachers, and support equitable learning opportunities for all students.

Why Have Best Practices?

Simply put, human resources (HR) best practices are the set of actions that administrators do to manage personnel and serve employees in the best way possible. As we can easily deduce, good HR practices make employees happy and, thus, make for a happy school.

Let's remember first that human resources is called so because its members are human beings who each have a unique personality. This can make the workplace seem complicated, but administrators in schools can apply some great practices with school personnel. Ultimately, both the school personnel and the student population receive the impact of good HR practices.

Let's learn what these best practices are about.

Effective Coordination & Alignment

Achieving the goal of effectively coordinating and aligning human resources requires several HR best practices, as we'll see now.

1. Setting Clear Common Goals

Administrators at Happy School meet to come up with a couple of goals they would like to achieve by the end of the academic year. They know that their goals are going to need the work of every single staff member. For this reason, administrators come up with a plan to give staff members guidance on how to achieve these goals.

Setting achievable goals for personnel keeps people motivated. School personnel know that the ultimate goal of their work is to serve the student population in the best way possible. Administrators exercise a great HR practice when they communicate the goals they want to achieve to all school personnel.

2. Paving the Way to Changes

This year, administrators at 'Happy School' decide to introduce a new software in which all employees should register their weekly goals and how they achieved them. The administration previously announced the possibility of this change to teachers so that it wouldn't come as a surprise. Moreover, administrators organize workshops on how to use the new software and clarify how the data in the software will be used.

This shows us that a good HR practice when it comes to changes in the organization is to implement progressively. No change comes about without preparation, and since changes affect personnel, they have the right to be informed about all the work that precedes future changes. In other words, administrators should pave the way to changes by always involving personnel and encouraging input. When changes become effective, they don't take people by surprise.

3. Constantly Reviewing Compensation Packages

Happy School offers to employees a number of great benefits (dental and health insurance, PTO, etc.). However, school personnel haven't seen a raise in the last couple of years due to some budget cuts. Despite this, administrators find other ways to compensate personnel. For example, they find free workshops or webinars for teacher professional development, and administrators offer teachers the opportunity to attend by cancelling classes. This compensation isn't monetary, but benefits teachers.

An HR best practice in schools is to constantly review the compensation packages. The key is that compensation packages aren't just about monetary rewards.

Effective Teacher Placement

To place teachers in positions where they can excel, administrators can exercise the following HR practices.

Using Data without Forgetting the People

A group of administrators at Happy School analyzes some data about teachers' performance based on students' academic achievement. Administrators agree that the numbers look great, and remember to mention names of teachers who excel in their jobs, because administrators know that teachers' hard work is behind those numbers.

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