Human Resources Management For Hospitals

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  • 0:03 Human Resources Management
  • 0:34 HRM in the Hospital Industry
  • 1:10 Staffing, Placing & Managing
  • 1:40 Research & Decision-Making
  • 2:12 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Julie Wickersham

Julie studied English and Spanish for her Bachelor degree and also has a Master's degree in Human Resources.

In this lesson, we'll discuss human resource management in hospitals and the roles it plays in healthcare organizations. These roles include those related to employee placement and supervision, research, and decision-making.

Human Resource Management

Most people think that a human resource department exists only to handle employee issues. In reality, the function of a human resource department is more crucial than you may think. A human resource management (HRM) department or team can contribute to a company's overall success in multiple ways. In the hospital industry, HRM is key when it comes to maintaining effective services, attracting talented employees, and promoting a positive, professional atmosphere and workplace safety.

HRM in the Hospital Industry

Human resource management is the process of hiring and developing employees so that they're more useful to both their specific fields of work and the organization as a whole. This process includes recruiting, training, and evaluating employees; analyzing jobs; communicating with staff members; and managing salaries.

HRM can play several different roles when it comes to the hospital industry. The American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) believes that the presence of an HR manager in a healthcare facility is essential to delivering effective services.

Staffing, Placement, & Managing

In a hospital, the HRM team is in charge of selecting employees for multiple positions. Members of the HRM team are responsible for employee payroll and benefits. They must also ensure that new hires have the education and experience needed for a particular job.

Since a healthcare facility relies upon subject matter experts to carry out services, the HRM team must also evaluate current employees. The team is also required to handle employee issues and disputes among employees.

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