Human Resources: Organizational Vision, Mission & Values

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  • 0:04 Understanding the Framework
  • 1:06 The Mission Statement
  • 2:00 Organizational Vision
  • 2:44 Organizational Values
  • 3:17 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Lesley King

Lesley has taught ESOL for many years, holds a master's degree in curriculum and instruction, and a doctorate degree in Instructional Leadership.

In this lesson, you will learn the role of human resource leaders and how they provide guidance for an organization. You will also learn how human resource leaders can work with employees to build a mission, vision, and value statement.

Understanding the Framework

''Confusion.'' This word has no place in any organization. Unfortunately, the School of Perfection did not think so. The Perfection leaders wanted to only speak with their own team members. After all, they were only impacting the students, teachers, parents, community, and school district. The Perfection leaders also believed that as long as they were in charge of the foundation of the school, everything would be just perfect. This caused problems on many levels, as you may have guessed. How can they clear things up? Let's look at tips on how to develop a mission, vision, and values statement, and how the School of Perfection could have been almost perfect.

Confusion can be avoided by having good management. It is very important for all leaders to communicate clear information, and it is equally important for all members of the group to understand the goals and direction of the organization. This can be achieved by building strong mission, vision, and values statements. These three words are very powerful.

The Mission Statement

When thinking of a mission statement, you can ask yourself this question: ''Why are we here?'' Most organizations have one, and it is usually posted for everyone to see. The purpose of a mission statement is to help the organization's members focus on the reason for its being. It's usually a short group of sentences that explain the mission. Many organizations start their mission statement with the following words: ''The mission of (organization's name) is to...''

Human resource leaders' role in creating the mission statement is to give guidelines on the reason for the mission statement. They should also make sure that all members are included in building it. Human resource leaders can explain the way that the organization will apply the mission in daily work. Finally, leaders must also help with understanding the meaning of the mission statement. The Perfection leaders could have improved by including all members in working towards the mission.

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