Hyena Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Mary Grace Miller

Mary Grace has taught first grade for 8 years and has a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and is licensed in ESL.

What do hyenas look like? Where do they live? What do they eat? What are their families like? This lesson will answer all of these questions and give you more fun facts about hyenas!

What Do Hyenas Look Like?

You just finished watching the movie 'The Lion King' with your family, and there are a bunch of evil hyenas in that movie! Are hyenas even real animals? You're pretty sure they are, and that they're not evil, but you don't know anything else about them. Read on to learn lots of interesting facts about hyenas!

A striped hyena
striped hyena

Hyenas are a type of animal called a mammal. Mammals are animals that have fur, are warm-blooded, and give birth to live babies. Hyenas are large animals and can weigh up to 190 pounds, which is the size of a large grown up human. They have front legs that are longer than their back legs and really big ears. They can be a solid brown color or they can have spots or stripes. There are the three different kinds of hyenas- the laughing/spotted hyena, the brown hyena, and the striped hyena.

Where Do Hyenas Live?

A spotted hyena in the savanna
hyena savanna

Most hyenas live in savannas. Savannas are large grasslands. Some hyenas live in mountains. Two kinds of hyenas, the spotted hyena and the brown hyena, live in Africa. Hyenas with stripes live in both Africa and Asia. In most grasslands, hyenas' homes, food, and water are far away from each other, so they spend a lot of time walking and running between these areas.

What Do Hyenas Eat?

Hyenas are carnivores. This means that they hunt and eat meat. Hyenas are also scavengers, which means that they find food that is already dead and eat that for their meals. They live near lions, so they eat the food the lions leave behind. Hyenas have strong jaws that help them kill their food. They eat large animals like antelope and zebras.

How Do Hyenas Grow?

a group of baby hyenas
hyena cub

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