'I Wish...' Poem: Examples and Format

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Kamshia Childs

Dr. Childs has had a career in Education for thirteen years. She has 11 years of experience teaching grades 4-8, and presently works in Higher Education. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, and a Master's and Doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction (Reading and Language Arts).

Poetry comes in many styles, forms, and content. This lesson provides an explanation of 'I Wish...' poetry. Itl shares different ways to compose an 'I Wish...' poem and provides some examples.

Definition of an 'I Wish...' Poem

An 'I Wish...' poem is a poem in which the author states his wishes in the form of poetry. The poem can be written by people of any age, including young children. 'I Wish...' poems fall under the umbrella of free verse poetry. This type of poetry does not have to rhyme.

Formatting the Poem

This type of poem is typically not lengthy and usually ranges from 5-10 lines. It is often a favorite style of poetry among young writers because many young people enjoy being expressive. Young writers often will admit what they want or desire.

The poem usually has a pattern of repetition and repeats the words 'I wish' at the beginning of each line. The lines are generally filled with a dream or wish of the person composing the poem. The language and tone of this type of poem is introspective, often optimistic and full of personality.

There is usually a central theme or message that 'I Wish...' poems try to convey. The last line often closes with a concluding thought, which lets readers know the poem has ended. Although the last line of the poem commonly begins with the words 'I wish,' it doesn't always have to begin that way.

Examples of an 'I Wish...' Poem

'I Wish...' poems can be serious and well thought out or planned. Alternatively, they may have a spontaneous, playful, and childlike feel to them. Let's look at some examples of 'I Wish...' poems:

Example #1 (playful):

I wish I could play and have recess all day.
I wish everyday was summer.
I wish I had every toy I wanted.
I wish I had no rules and didn't have to eat vegetables.
I wish I could have life my way.

Example #2 (rhyming):

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