Identifying Early Signs of a Reading Difficulty

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  • 1:55 First Grade Issues
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Laura Gray

Laura has taught at the secondary and tertiary levels for 20+ years and has a Ph.D. in Instructional Design for Online Learning.

This lesson introduces the signs and symptoms often displayed by early elementary age students who are having difficulty with reading. Specific signs at each grade level are identified and discussed.

Early Intervention is Key

Reading is an essential skill for academic success. Let's face it: kids who can't read well just don't perform as well in school-related activities as children who are good readers. That's why it's important to be able to identify at an early age potential difficulties with reading so that educators have as much time as possible to diagnose - and, hopefully, to correct - the problem. In this lesson, we'll focus on the early warning signs, or signals that your child may have a reading problem, and when to look for these signs.

What to Look for in Kindergarten

In kindergarten and early first grade, the signs of reading difficulty are usually already present, but they are sometimes hard to identify. If your kindergartner displays any of the following signs, he or she may have problems with learning to read:

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