Identity Unit Plan

Instructor: Shanna Fox

Shanna has been an educator for 20 years and earned her Master of Education degree in 2017. She enjoys using her experience to provide engaging resources for other teachers.

During adolescence, students are discovering themselves and developing their identity. This unit plan will guide you in helping your middle or high school students to form a healthy view of themselves and identify their essential characteristics.


As students develop their identities, there are so many factors to consider. Oftentimes, middle and high school students struggle with defining themselves and staying strong in their own values in the face of peer pressure. Sometimes, confidence and self-esteem can become an issue as they feel the need to ''measure up'' to their classmates and friends. This unit plan enables you to guide students through identifying their self-concept and the characteristics that make them unique individuals. In addition, you can help them build self-esteem and confidence in facing life's challenges. Lastly, you can help students maintain self-awareness throughout their lives by practicing reflective thinking.

Personal Identity

Begin the unit with an overview of personal identity. In this Personal Identity Lesson Plan, you will help students understand the concept, as well as delve into the influences and theories related to developing their identities.

Consider engaging students in journal writing throughout this unit. This method can form the basis of knowledge application and reflection. In so doing, you will increase the likelihood that students will carry these lessons with them outside of the classroom. A unit on identity can be a game-changer, but students must be fully invested. Encourage them to do so by allowing for adequate time to digest and discuss material.


As students develop their definition of self, they may need some support from you in doing so. Use this Self-Concept Lesson Plan to foster deep thinking about the characteristics that describe or define them. Add in these Self-Concept Activities for Students to help them develop their self-concept and interact with their peers.


Self-esteem issues can be a difficult for students to face during adolescence. Introduce the concept using this Self-Esteem Lesson Plan. Build in some of these Self-Esteem Building Activities or Group Games to Boost Self-Esteem to get students engaged, interacting with one another, and reflecting on their own self-esteem.

Differentiate for varied learning levels by selecting one or more options from these resources to bolster your exploration of self-esteem.


Building self-esteem can lead to increased self-confidence. Help students define the difference between the two using this Self-Confidence Lesson Plan. Reinforce the concept that self-confidence may not come naturally, but it can be built, nurtured, and developed over time. Use these Confidence Building Activities for Teenagers to expand their understanding and get them involved in applying the lessons they've learned thus far.

Consider using real-world scenarios and role playing to help students learn to assert themselves in healthy ways. Incorporating real-world exercises can help them take lessons from the classroom and apply them in their personal lives now and in the future.

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