Iggy Lee from Freak the Mighty

Instructor: Kerry Gray

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree.

Iggy Lee is the leader of the infamous Panheads, a local motorcycle gang. In this lesson, we will learn more about Iggy Lee from the Rodman Philbrick novel 'Freak the Mighty.'

Leader of the Panheads

In the novel Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick, Kevin and Max face conflict with some notorious characters, many of whom end up being more complex than you would think. In an effort to return a stolen purse to a damsel in distress (Loretta), Kevin and Max come face to face with the leader of the motorcycle gang the Panheads. In this lesson, we will learn more about Iggy Lee.

Iggy Lee is the leader of a motorcycle gang.

First Impressions

When Max and Kevin retrieve the stolen purse and try to return it to its owner, Loretta Lee, they do not put together that Loretta is the wife of a dangerous gang leader, Iggy Lee. Max and Kevin are already pretty spooked by their surroundings because Loretta and Iggy live in the tenements that have a reputation for drugs and violence, but when Loretta calls Iggy to see who is at the door and Kevin and Max see ''this big hairy dude (with a) huge beer gut and these giant arms all covered with blue tattoos,'' they become even more worried. When Iggy practically forces them inside and demands the missing money from the purse, although Loretta had already confirmed there was not anything missing, the boys wonder if they will get out safely. When Kevin tries to leave, Iggy flicks him in the nose.

When all seems hopeless, Loretta remembers that they know Kevin and Max's parents. Max's dad, Killer Kane, is serving life in prison for killing Max's mom. Loretta tries to get Iggy to rough Max up a little to see if he is as tough as his dad, but Iggy looks scared and says, 'life ain't life,' and he doesn't want to deal with Killer Kane finding out he messed with his kid. Iggy finally allows Max and Kevin to leave.

Iggy Lee Helps Killer Kane

Killer Kane gets out on parole and when he kidnaps Max on Christmas Eve, he goes to Iggy Lee for help. Killer Kane is angry that Loretta is there, but Iggy tries to reassure him, 'She's okay, Kenny, you got my word.' While Loretta passes out drunk, Iggy makes them hamburgers and then after dinner takes them to the home of a lady who is out of town for the holidays (it had already been broken into). Through all of this, Max is struck by how frightened a big tough guy like Iggy appears to be of Max's father. The next day, Kane insists that Iggy get him a gun and some transportation as the police seem to be closing in on them. Iggy looks at Max with a funny look on his face like he is trying to communicate something.

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