Importance of Personal Hygiene for Children

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Artem Cheprasov

Artem has a doctor of veterinary medicine degree.

If you have children or work with them, you probably know the importance of personal hygiene for children. We will examine examples of the consequences of poor hygiene and we will discuss several examples of what constitutes good personal hygiene for children.


Lots of kids love to run around and play. As they do so, they sweat. As they sweat, they build up a stink. Other kids may not run around enough to sweat but they still get their hands and body dirty. That dirt, if not addressed, may lead to a problem, like a rash or even an intestinal infection if dirt enters the mouth.

And so it makes sense that good personal hygiene is important for children. Why? Well, the definition of hygiene kind of explains why. Hygiene is a term for various practices that help preserve a person's well-being and health through acts of cleanliness. In short, proper hygiene is important for children in order to keep them healthy.

This lesson goes over why this is so and some of the types of hygiene practices children should employ to keep themselves healthy!

Types of Hygienic Practices

So let's say you've got a son, Rob. Rob's day was filled with lots of activities. First, he got up and ate a hearty breakfast. Then, he went outside to play with his friends. They wrestled on the ground, they ran after Fido who managed to escape from its collar, they dug into the ground searching for treasure, and did lots of other fun stuff.

Then, Rob came home looking like a mess. What to do? Well, basic hygienic practices can help prevent Rob from getting any one of a number of diseases or disorders. And even if we didn't need to worry about disease, Rob just stinks like crazy and looks like he's never taken a bath. So we just want him to look and smell a lot better. What can we do?

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