Important Events in Anne Frank's Diary of a Young Girl

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  • 0:41 Important Events In The Annex
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Elisha Madison

Elisha is a writer, editor, and aspiring novelist. She has a Master's degree in Ancient Celtic History & Mythology and another Masters in Museum Studies.

'The Diary of Anne Frank' is the story of a Jewish girl and her accounts of the two years she and her family were in hiding from the Nazis. During this time there were many important events that happened in and out of the Annex.

Diary of Anne Frank Summary

For two years during World War II, Anne Frank, a 13-year-old Jewish girl, and her family went into hiding with four other people. She was thought as immature due to her being the youngest person during her time hiding in the Secret Annex that was located in the back of her father's business. Her consistent hopefulness also made her personality grating on her family. After two years of being in hiding, someone gave up where their hiding spot was, and they were captured and sent to concentration camps where all but Anne's father, Otto, dies.

Important Events in the Annex

While the Franks were in hiding, there were important events that happened in the Secret Annex that made living there exciting and challenging.

Puberty, Curiosity, and Love

Anne started to experience puberty and was learning about her body and feelings during her time in hiding. This resulted in Anne falling in love for the first time with Peter van Pels. He was 3 years her elder, but that did not stop the relationship from developing between them. They shared a kiss and sneaky hand holding, but nothing more because Anne's father did not approve of Peter. Due to the feelings she was having, she also grew curious about her own body and her desire to know the female body as well. This is a big turning point for how she wrote in her diary. She started to mature and learn that perhaps her mother, who was originally a source of conflict, was correct in her behavior.

Selfishness and Conflict

A larger issue that happened while in hiding was the conflict between the families that were contained in the Annex. The Franks were a family of 4: Anne's parents, Otto and Edith, her sister Margot, and Anne, of course. The van Pels consisted of: Auguste, Herman, and their son, Peter.

Later they took in a dentist, Pfeffer, who did not originally plan to hide with them.

Being in such a small space took its toll on the eight inhabitants. Auguste van Pels would steal sugar and other food from their food stocks so she could make food for herself and her family. Food became more and more of an issue between the families, so they had to start divvying out all the food individually, to make sure that everyone had something to eat.

Important Events Outside

Outside of the Annex, the world was in turmoil, and Anne stayed abreast of it by listening to the radio down in the office after everyone went home for the day.

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