Improper Fractions Games for Kids

Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has a Masters of Science in Mathematics

Help your students gain a solid understanding of improper fractions with this lesson. Find directions for games your students can play independent, in partner-pairs, as well as small and whole groups to make learning last.

Improper Fraction Games

As educators, we strive to find a balance between paper/pencil and active learning. While we know students need the practice with writing and computing in math, we also understand how much learning happens when students get moving. That's why playing games is a great way to meet both needs.

The following games allow students to 'play' using manipulatives and other materials, but also require them to write, think about, and explain their work.

Rolling Improper Fractions


  • Partner-pairs


  • Dice
  • Math notebooks or blank notebook paper


  • Divide students into partner-pairs and give each a pair of dice.
  • Have students label a page in their math notebooks 'Improper Fractions,' or use notebook paper to collect after the game.
  • To play, one student rolls one die. This becomes the denominator for the round for both players.
  • Both players should create an addition sentence with three fractions, each with the first number rolled as the denominator.
  • Now the first player rolls the dice three times and writes the numbers for each role in the numerators for the number sentence.
  • Players should work together to add the fractions, resulting in an improper fraction. Have students convert to a mixed number.
  • Repeat for the second player.
  • The student with the highest mixed number wins.

Extensions and Adaptations

  • Increase the number of fractions added to challenge students.
  • Share results as a whole class after the games, deciding who had the largest and smallest numbers.

Improper Fraction War


  • Partner-pairs


  • Playing cards with the face cards removed from the deck
  • String


  • Divide students into partner-pairs and give each a deck of cards and two pieces of string, each about three inches long.
  • Have students each lay the strings on the table top to make a fraction line.
  • Now have students deal the cards equally until all are gone.
  • To play, students flip the first card in the numerator spot and the second in the denominator.
  • If one player has an improper fraction and the other does not, he wins all the cards.
  • If neither has an improper fraction, play again on top of these cards.
  • If both players have an improper fraction, the highest number wins.
  • Play until all cards have been captured or time runs out.

Extensions and Adaptations

  • Make playing cards out of large index cards and play as a whole group, the students divided into two warring sides.
  • Pull students who struggle with the concept aside to play in a guided group with an adult or older student.

Eat My Improper Fraction


  • Independent/small group/whole group

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