Improving Customer Service With Automated Processes

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Savannah Samoszuk

Savannah has over eight years of hotel management experience and has a master's degree in leadership.

Technology has made it easier for businesses to simplify processes in customer service. This lesson will take a look at the use of these automated processes, and their effect on customer service and the overall business.

Automated Processes

Businesses are always looking for ways to make things easier for their customers as well as improving their customer service. Using automated processes can improve customer service and make things easier for both the business and customer. An automated process is any process that's being completed through the use of computers or technology. An example of an automated process is a company offering an option to have customers' payments automatically withdrawn from their bank accounts each month.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Using automated processes can increase customer loyalty by making the customer feel valued. The customer will see that the business has taken the time and money to automate processes for the customer. For example, some grocery stores now offer a self checkout line for customers that want to check out quickly and do it themselves. This shows that the business realizes that their customers may be in a hurry, and that they want to complete the process on their own. The use of automating the checkout process satisfies the customer's needs and will help to increase customer loyalty.


Automated processes provide convenience for both the customer and business. The customer is able to save time by having processes that they do on a regular basis be automated. At the same time, the company is saving time by allowing the customer to complete the process on their own with the use of technology.

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