Inca Gods & Goddesses Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Kathryn Miedema Dominguez

Kathryn has taught elementary students for over ten years and has her master's degree in elementary education.

The Incas worshiped many gods and goddesses. Each god had a specific element that it represented. In this lesson, you will learn about the gods and goddesses central to the Incan way of life.

Inca Creation

The earth was in darkness until the birth of Viracocha. He rose from the lake of Titicaca and became the creator of everything. He created the moon, stars, and sun. He created people and they would forever be grateful for the things he gave them. Viracocha and his wife, Mama Cocha, had a son named Inti and a daughter named Mama Quilla. They were the rulers of mankind.

This is one Inca creation story that highlights the central gods of Inca religion. Let's learn more about these gods and other important deities!


The Incas believed in many gods. The most important god was Viracocha (pronounced vee-ruh-koh-chuh) who created the sun, moon, earth, and all living things. He was the god of all the other gods and could control them. The Incas did not want to make Viracocha mad otherwise he would make life harder for humans.

Viracocha is the creator of all things.

Mama Cocha

Mama Cocha (pronounced mama koh-chuh), which means mother sea, is the goddess of the sea. She has powers over all bodies of water including lakes. She ensures there are plenty of fish for the fishermen. In addition, she watches over sailors to make sure they are safe when they are out to sea. The Incas looked to Mama Cocha to provide fish to eat.


Inti (pronounced in-tee) is the god of the sun and is the son of Viracocha and Mama Cocha. Inti was very powerful in overseeing the human world. The first Inca Emperor is believed to be his son, Manco Capac (pronounced mon-koh kah-pok). Therefore, each new emperor was a descendant of the sun god, Inti. If the Incas did not celebrate Inti, then he would not bring sunlight, which would cause all life to die.

Inti is the Inca sun god.

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