Indian Independence Day Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Angela Burke

Angela has over ten years of teaching experience in Special Education, classroom teaching and GT. She has a master's degree in Special Ed with an emphasis in Gifted.

In this lesson, discover how Indian Independence Day is celebrated in India. Find out what unique traditions are popular and how children enjoy this day.

Indian Independence Day

Can you imagine a sky filled with colorful kites of all different sizes, shapes and styles? Kites symbolize the free spirit of India. Flying kites is just one way Indians celebrate Indian Independence Day. They are kind of like the fireworks we set off in America.

Indian Independence Day happens every August 15th and is a national holiday. It is similar to the Fourth of July in America because it marks the day that India became a free and independent nation from Great Britain.

Let's discover more about this holiday and the traditions Indians enjoy.

Indian Independence Day Celebration

Rebirth of India

India is a country in South Central Asia. It became its own nation on August 15th, 1947. Just like America, India was a colony of Great Britain. A colony is a country or area that is ruled by another country, even one on another continent.

Colonial life was hard on India: the British used up many of India's resources and sold them for a profit, including cotton, coffee and tea. Crops were grown to sell and make money instead of feeding the people of India. This led to a food shortage and many Indians starved.

Indians also had to buy British goods; native producers and handicraft workers went out of business and became poor. Religious conflicts, including those between Hindus and Muslims, were also an issue in colonial India. So when India became a free nation, it was a cause for great celebration! Indian Independence Day is considered to be the rebirth of India.

Independence Day Festivities

Presidential Speech

Every year on the evening of August 14th, the day before Independence Day, the Indian president speaks to the nation and delivers an inspiring speech. On Independence Day, the prime minister unrolls and reveals the national flag at a ceremony in the capital city of New Delhi at the historical landmark, the Red Fort.

The First Indian Independence Day at The Red Fort
Red Fort

Kite Protest

Flying kites is one of India's favorite Independence Day traditions. On Indian Independence Day, the sky is filled with more kites than you can count - but do you know why kites are flown?

Well, when Indian patriots were trying to win their freedom from the British, they flew kites with slogans, or sayings, on them. The kites became a form of protest. A protest is a statement or action expressing disapproval of something. Today kites are a symbol of freedom in India.

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