Ineffective Group Communication in Groups

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo
Ineffective group communication can dramatically impact the productivity and workplace success of a company. There are five factors that need to be addressed in order for groups to work together effectively.

Ineffective Group Communication

C&C Chocolate Company can't recover from their disastrous product launches. Their new Chopper bar, made of chocolate and crushed grasshoppers, was voted 'The Worst Product of the Year.' Now the pressure is on the team to create a wildly successful product for next year to redeem themselves. The group members are not being productive and are fighting all of the time.

Ineffective group communication is poor team communication from lack of trust, respect, commitment and cooperation. A group structure is used in the workplace to coordinate projects and provide expertise from multiple viewpoints. Sometimes, the groups can be deemed ineffective and actually paralyze productivity and decision making. There are five areas of potential problems that groups should be aware of when working on a task.


There are five factors that can lead to ineffective group communication: lack of focus, inequality of group members, negativity, lack of cohesion and poor leadership. Let's take a look at each.

Lack of focus is when team members are unable to focus on the overall objectives or goals. This is usually due to the fact that the group members do not understand the steps needed to solve a problem. C&C team members do not know how to come up with a successful product. Members quickly lose sight of the target and become uninterested and unproductive. Group members need training on how to work together and solve problems. Basic organizational behavior modules can help aid team members in working together and staying focused.

Inequality of members occurs when certain group members take more control and use it to overrun other members' suggestions. Everyone in the group should have an equal amount of time to be heard. Usually, conflict develops when certain members of the group take ownership and ignore other members. The C&C group is already in bad shape as the team has three sub-groups that have begun to work independently of each other. The sub-groups developed because members felt that two individuals were just going ahead without consulting with the rest of group. Again, the group needs to provide an environment where every member can contribute equally.

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