Information System Design & Development

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Marcia Wert

Marcia has taught Information technology and Mathematics with a master's degree in IT

Ever plan a vacation? Well, information systems design and development is the same but on a much grander scale. Discover how information systems design and development has phases and steps in a project.

Information Systems Design

Information systems design and development revolves around accomplishing a project. A project is a temporary endeavor that provides a solution or fulfills a need in a company. Information systems design and development provides the necessary framework to do just that. Think of a vacation: it is only temporary and not a permanent move, but you need to plan for it. It is not just one step but a collection of steps like booking the vacation, setting aside money for it, and packing that toothbrush!


The Initiation Phase

First of all is the initiation phase. In the initiation phase, we identify a need for the project. We all recognize when we need a vacation, but in a company, the need might be identified by problems that occur in the daily activities of a business. Customers are quick to identify problems and establish a need that requires a resolution.

The Planning Phase

Second is the planning phase. This is the phase when you start to develop in detail the steps that are required to solve the problem. This is the most important and challenging phase.

Usually on a vacation, no one just boards a plane and takes off for the trip. They plan each step. Where am I going? Where will I stay? These are normally the first two steps that need thinking. On a vacation, you do not start to pack your bags before you book your vacation. You plan each step carefully!

A company does the same. They establish what the end accomplishments, or deliverables, must be and what steps a project will particularize. They also assign an order to which steps should be accomplished. They determine, just like us with vacations, if it is feasible. A lot of the time, we do not go on a vacation because we can't afford it. Well, companies also do the same.

Some projects are not feasible and, in this phase, will be dropped or postponed. If the work is feasible, a WBS, or work breakdown schedule, will list the main tasks and any subordinate tasks in an orderly hierarchy schedule so all the project team members are aware of each task.

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