Informational Roles of a Manager: Examples & Explanation

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  • 1:14 The Monitor Role
  • 1:53 The Disseminator Role
  • 2:17 The Spokesperson Role
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Wiley-Cordone
Learn more about decisional, informational and interpersonal managerial roles as described by Henry Mintzberg, and take a peek behind the curtain at how leaders process and communicate in the informational managerial role.

Informational Managerial Roles in Context

Victor is thrilled! His boss has just retired and sold him her booming landscaping business, but he's a little nervous because he doesn't know much about management. Victor does some research and comes across the work of Henry Mintzberg, who describes in detail the 10 different roles Victor will have to take on given his new managerial responsibilities. Victor sees that Mintzberg has placed the 10 roles into three groups: informational management, interpersonal management and decisional management.

Communication is the focus of the three informational management roles. Interacting with other people connects the three interpersonal management roles, and the four decisional management roles pertain to action through making and following through on decisions.

As a new leader, Victor finds himself a little overwhelmed by the idea of learning 10 new roles. He soon realizes that he's already familiar with the ideas Mintzberg presents, but now he'll have specific words to describe all the different skills a manager must master to be effective. Victor feels much better; this is something anyone can learn! He's confident as he begins his management study with the three informational management roles: monitor, disseminator and spokesperson.

The Monitor Role

Victor knows he's going to need to pay attention to certain data from inside his store. He will focus on things that affect worker productivity (such as vacation days, overtime, sick leave and commissions), sales figures (like which plant sells best by season) and even which customers do or don't pay on time. He also realizes he needs to gather information from outside the store, including significant weather conditions influencing wholesale plant prices, changing legislation affecting small businesses and competitors moving into his area. He monitors information internally and externally.

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