Informative Essay Topics for Elementary School

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Elementary school students love to feel like experts. This lesson gives you some topics that your students can research and write about when learning about informative essay writing.

The Power of the Informative Essay

If you are an elementary school teacher, you know how empowering it can be for your students to teach someone else about a topic they know a lot about. It is rare for elementary school students to feel like experts, but it is important for them to experience this as they move through their education.

Writing informative essays can help your students learn to do careful research and also express what they have learned in thoughtful and nuanced ways. Informative essays share information with readers, often citing external sources and giving students an opportunity to practice increasingly sophisticated organizational skills in their writing as well. This lesson offers you some informative essay topics that are well suited to elementary school students.

Informative Essay Topics About Social Studies

  • Write an essay about a person you admire from history. Describe the person's life, the work that they did, and what it is you admire about them. Make sure to include facts that you did not know before researching this essay and write in a way that gets other people interested in learning more about the person.
  • For this essay, you should research a part of the world you know very little about. You might choose another country, state, or city on which to focus. Write about the place you selected with the goal of teaching a different person what makes that place special and unique.
  • Choose an important historical event on which to focus. This might be a war, a specific battle, a social movement, or a peace treaty. Write an essay that teaches someone the important facts about the event you are describing. Think about the event chronologically but also in terms of the historical lessons someone might learn from it.
  • Write an essay describing your family's history, cultural background, and immigration story. Interview different family members about their ancestry and the things they have come to value over time, and include your findings from your interview in your essay.
  • Describe an important place in your community. As you write about this place, make sure to use information from interviews with people who work or spend time there, historical and geographical information about the place, and your own opinion about why this place is especially important.
  • Choose a current events issue that matters a lot to you. Write an essay that informs readers of at least two different points of view a person might take on this issue, using information from research to back up both perspectives.

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