Informative Speech Rubric

Instructor: Derek Hughes
Informative speech activities are a good way to help your students practice researching and presenting ideas. This lesson will provide a template for a rubric you can use to assess an informative speech activity.

What Is an Informative Speech?

As a teacher, you spend most of your day giving informative speeches. These are speeches in which the speaker explains and lays out the facts about a certain topic. The goal of this kind of speech is to merely educate your audience about a subject, not convince them of anything or make an argument. These kinds of activities are useful to help improve student's research and speaking abilities.

This lesson will provide a template for a rubric you can use to assess and set expectations for an informative speech activity. As such, each section will include both the rubric categories and a question you can include on a student checklist to help them monitor their work.

Categories and Scale

Every rubric is broken down into several categories, which are scored on a point scale. For this lesson, the rubric will be divided into five categories, each scored on a 4-point scale (0-3). The scale will start with Exceeds Expectations, then Meets Expectations, Satisfactory, and finally Needs Improvement (3 points to zero, respectively).

The categories to be graded are Introduction, Organization, Research, Conclusion, and Oral Delivery.

Informative Speech Rubric


Exceeds Expectations: Student clearly introduces topic with an interesting and engaging introduction.

Meets Expectations: Student clearly introduces topic with an interesting introduction.

Satisfactory: Student introduces topic.

Needs Improvement: Student does not introduce topic or introduction is unclear.

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