Integrated Project Management: Definition & Approach

Instructor: Shawn Ferguson

Shawn is a recent graduate from Walsh College's MBA program in Michigan. He is currently an instructor at his current company and previously was a substitute teacher.

In this lesson, we'll look at integrated project management and why it is important. We'll use an example to examine how integrated project management is completed during the project management process.

Integrated Project Management

Imagine that you are working as a world class baker. Your objective is to create a perfect wedding cake for your client. You must ask your client what their dream wedding cake is like. The client describes everything they want in their final product and you get started.

This wedding cake is a project. It is a unique product, which is something that has not been created before, a custom item, or a product that is not easily obtainable. You wouldn't go to your local grocery store to buy a wedding cake. The project ends when the customer accepts the wedding cake and you get another wedding cake project to accomplish. Integrated project management is how the entire project comes together.

Project Procurement Management

The client defines what is important to them, and you decide how to tackle this project. You must acquire the ingredients, which is considered project procurement management. Project procurement management is the process of obtaining ingredients from outside sources, such as vendors or creating ingredients yourself directly for the project. An example of this procurement stage, would be a choice of purchasing cake icing from one outside vendor compared to another, or you might decide you want to create your own icing for this particular customer.



Once you have your ingredients necessary, you have to combine or 'integrate' the ingredients according to your recipe. All the ingredients, or inputs, as it is called in project management, must come together to create the end product for the client. The client can also be referred to as a stakeholder, someone who has interest in the project and product.


Integrated Project Management Processes

The subject of integrated project management has six processes that should be completed during the duration of the entire project. These processes are:

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