Integration of Marketing Concepts Across Disciplines

Instructor: Lynn Doerr

Lynn has worked in various aspects of marketing for many years and has a Master's degree in Marketing Communication.

Marketing is a vehicle for inventors and creators to bring ideas, products, and services to the world. Understanding a few simple marketing elements can create an opportunity to present ideas to a larger audience.

Why Integrate Marketing Concepts?

In our world, businesses can be divided into two groups - those that sell a product or those that sell a service. Some do both. Therefore, every business is dependent on marketing in some way. Even in academics, study and research lead to marketable ideas. Think about advances in science, technology, and business. Someone started with an idea that was then packaged into a product such as a computer or a program such as a university class. Most of the time, those who create something new or discover something new will want to share it with a wider audience. Understanding the value of a few marketing principles can go a long way in making ideas or products more accessible to the world.


Markets and Messaging

In all aspects of marketing, it is important to understand the market and the customer so that messaging can be customized to appeal to the specific audience. So how does this work when talking about a subject like math or science?


Let's use science as an example and talk specifically about drugs and the pharmaceutical industry. Scientists are conducting clinical research every day to find better ways to detect, treat, prevent, and cure diseases. All of this effort would be wasted if there were no way to bring the product or therapies to market. Pharmaceutical companies invest millions into research to find drugs that can treat diseases like diabetes or asthma.

Microscope and Research

But the scientists also have to work closely with marketing individuals to understand who will use the product and how to create a medication that can be used successfully. For instance, if the research team creates a drug that patients have to take five times a day, it may not be successful. The marketers explain to the researchers that consumers don't like medications they have to take several times a day because it's not convenient and they forget to take them. When they forget to take the medication, the benefit is lost. Now the researchers know they need to find a way to make a safe drug that only has to be taken once a day. The researchers acknowledge the value of understanding marketing concepts so their efforts lead to introducing a drug that patients will use successfully. If a particular disease requires a highly regimented treatment, the marketing team might work closely with the clinical team and with potential customers to understand how to focus their messages. They may develop special materials or programs, such as Apps, that help patients comply with their treatment. This might be an instance where technology incorporates marketing concepts to develop a tool that works to meet customer needs.

Social Studies and History

What about an area like social studies or history? Again, academic teams need to understand their customers if they want to share their findings with the world. A university professor who is an expert in Egyptian history or the study of ancient Egyptian culture may consider what audiences will be interested in her research and how she might present it to the public. Perhaps she can find a team to produce a documentary on her newest discovery, bringing recognition to her, her university, and her subject area.

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