Intermediate Arduino Project Ideas

Instructor: Shanna Fox

Shanna has been an educator for 20 years and earned her Master of Education degree in 2017. She enjoys using her experience to provide engaging resources for other teachers.

Tinkering with mechatronics can be an exciting experience for your advanced middle or high school students. These intermediate Arduino projects build on prior knowledge to engage students in constructing and automating real-world processes.

Intermediate Arduino Projects

Implementing intermediate Arduino projects with your technology students can be an exciting challenge for those who already have established skills. These team projects will help you guide students through constructing simple machines, posting messages on an electronic marquee, and positioning a camera for high-quality photography.

Lock the Door

Teaching students how to program a door to automatically latch and release can be an interesting opportunity for them to utilize construction and design skills as well as Arduino programming. In this project, students can construct a door with a simple lock mechanism. Utilizing Arduino technology, they can program a robotic arm to both latch and release the lock.

The practical application of this project includes opening and closing any type of lock or latch. Have students brainstorm the ways people can use their created device. Then, students can share their project with an authentic audience. Consider providing a time of reflection so students can look back on their progress, problems, and successes.

  • Materials: building materials, Arduino supplies, programming guide, access to internet and links to tutorials for troubleshooting

Marquee Messages

In this project, you will guide teams of students through programming of an electronic marquee using Arduino technology. After the programming is complete, ask students to complete the following interactive team challenges:

  • Teams can relay messages between one another utilizing their marquees. For example, team one may program the marquee with a question. The other teams must compete to respond to the question quickly by programming their own marquee with an answer.
  • Teams participate in a word-association game in which team one sends a word to their marquee. Team two picks up and enters an associated word. Then, play moves to the next team(s) and eventually back to team one for a concluding word. Provide each team the opportunity to start the word association chain and see their fellow teams respond.

Sum up the project by reflecting on the difficulties and successes students encountered in both initial construction and programming of the electronic marquee and completing the interactive challenges. Extend the project by asking student teams to come up with a new challenge.

  • Materials: electronic marquee, Arduino supplies, programming guide, access to internet and links to tutorials for troubleshooting

Say Cheese!

In this project, you will guide students through construction of a camera-positioning apparatus that includes a place to hold the camera, a slider that allows the camera to move along a track, and an arm that allows changes to angle and height. Then, utilizing Arduino, students program the track and arm to complete tasks that allow for a variety of photographic options.

After completing construction and programming, engage student teams in the following challenges:

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