Intermediate Level SAT Vocabulary Words

Instructor: Svitlana Kostenko
Knowing and being able to use intermediate level SAT vocabulary words can be the difference between success and failure on the SAT. This lesson containing challenging quiz questions will help you prepare to conquer SAT vocab.

About The Intermediate Level SAT Vocabulary section

This convenient and mobile-friendly lesson contains fun and entertaining SAT vocabulary question that will help you ace the test. Intermediate level words are a stepping stone on your way to more challenging SAT Vocabulary. The roots, prefixes, and suffixes at this level will also appear at the advanced level, so don't be afraid to really break the word down into its components!

Use the quiz questions to test your knowledge and application of the word, in the context of sentences and passages. Many SAT vocabulary words have multiple meanings and variations, so it is vital that students understand the specific meaning of words in context, which is a skill emphasized in the latest updates to the SAT.

About the Intermediate Vocabulary Words

The SAT requires students to have a firm understanding of thousands of words in the English language. You can't know which of the vocabulary words will appear on the test, so practicing with a wide variety of words and materials is beneficial. Keep in mind that for maximum retention of the words, it is important to go back and review those new words at regular intervals. Nothing is more frustrating than learning a word on Monday but forgetting it by Friday!

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